Video with sound, 10’50 min 

Throughout a year period, I visited Niels Rydung at his apartment in Denmark. Niels is 72 years old. I asked him to describe himself, and his living space. This is what he said:

“I am a Danish author who lives in Copenhagen. My flat is situated on the 23rd floor. The ‘vue’ over the town is fascinating–especially at night. I intend to create an atmosphere of eroticism in my rooms, and the decoration may remind of that of an erotic museum or a bordello: sculptures, paintings and photos–all of young girls, zebra-striped carpet on the floor, red-light lamps and sensual music on the cd player. Everything has a stimulating air of aesthetics and beauty. The subject of my books is eroticism. And as for prostitution? I regard it as an essential and important part of real life.”

Thanks to Niels Rydung for time and conversations